CARS Club Member Survey

Call Sign:

1) How did you become interested in Amateur Radio...who or what helped you get your first license?

2) How long has you been licensed and what class license do you currently have?

3) What do you like about Amateur Radio?

4) What are your favorite bands/modes to work ?

5) What type of Ham radio equipment do you own or use?

6) Do you have any Awards or Certificates you want to mention? (Ham related or other)

7) What type of work do you do? If retired what was your occupation?

8) Do you participate in any CARS projects or functions? If so, which ones?

9) What other projects or functions would you like to see CARS get involved with?

10) Additional comments:

If in person, please enclose/attach one of your QSL cards, if you use them - a jpg file will be OK